Too little too great


I notice how some people take note of the very little things around us and am so greatful for them. They appreciate even the small steps they take in life they enjoy nature: chirping birds, blowing wind, scorching sun and all that. They tend to appreciate the fact that they are greater than this amazing things and take themselves as wonderful people. They appreciate the ‘thank you’ the ‘sorry’ that most of us take for granted.
I call them generous and kind hearts. They love so purely that when you see them or come around them you find their warmth of love. They just make everything around wonderful.
I tend to admire these people and I strive myself to be such. The kind of love, kindness, hope, faith and joy filled in their  hearts is what I long for.
Maybe whats holding us back is the little things that we tend to ignore and in real sence they are so much great and wonderful. We are too stressed, too pressed down, too depressed with troubles. Our minds are so focused on the negative that we tend to attract the same.
Its my word you today to take note of the too little too great things and wonder of their existence and imagine that you are so wonderful than such. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


Its a hustle battle…


“Hey there?Excuse me madam…(turns ro check items) only $ 5 …buy one today and promote me please…”
Madam hands over the cents and receives a nice πŸ’.
There are the mama mbogas, the shoe shiners, the bodabodas, the mtumba sellers, the cleaners and all the others, Who are you? What are you doing to cahnge the world? 
Its a hustle world. I affirmed. From the place I was sitting. A tall building where I can watch all the hustle in the town…thoughts of how people run here and there vehicles running up and down and children rushing to school, bodabodas picking and dropping people, tuktuks all types, you name them.
“Its beautiful, isn’t it?”
“We are busy bees.” I conclude.
We were created to serve and trust me there is no hustle in this world that is beneficial than that of serving others. Apart from getting wonderful feelings in our hearts, we tend to pocket something by the end of the day…and we are most thankful for the little we get.
I have never seen a rich person who never worked at all, except for those who inherited, of which they still work to maintain their parents legacy.
Its time we stopped being lazy, its time we step out there trusting our energies and trusting His power over us, its time to work.
Never underestimate the powers of cleaners or a shoe shiner, they are doing the best they can to make a world a better place, what of you?
We are buried in self-intrest these days until we forget our purpose, we forget to nature our children to be better, we forget to mentor and cherish the old people we forget the sick and the orphans. All is left for organizations and NGOs, we can still be kind enough, loving enough and caring more.

I mean there is a lot a person can do within the 12hours we are given by God, lets not make excuses about how we are going to feed ourselves….lets hustle until we are rich environmentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually. With the energy confidence, right and smart minds we all can achieve.

Am wearing my boots πŸ‘’and stepping out…I hope you are too.

Have focus


Focus is key to knowing where we are heading to in life and everyday hustles. At times we reach a point in life where there is lack of direction, discipline and focus within us, but if we have a plan everything runs smoothly not forgetting the peace of mind it leaves behind.
There is this point in my life where I wanted to try out almost everything and trust me it was like carrying a heavy load on my shoulders that seemed to whey me down.
Today I inspire us to focus on that one thing we think is so important in our lives, lets choose to do it with all our hearts and mind and lets choose to Follow One Course Untill Successful

Let’s choose to focus and dedicate yourself to it you will always soar higher….

Gods plan

Its definetly not wrong to think life to be unfair sometimes. Troubles seem to knock your door. You have been so discouraged with that sickness, with that job loss, your life seems not to have any focus at all. Well thats when I tell myself that Satan has got no potion in my life and its time he leaves and let me enjoy my peace. Maybe you are going through the inknown path, not knowing where you are heading to, you seem stuck am here to encourage you today!!

I don’t know what you think brings badluck or mysteries in your life. Some have beliefs in witchcraft some believe in just bad events strucking them. I believe Satan is in action at that time and I stand to rebuke him just as Jesus did. But I think all of us are capable of turning around our situation by just refusing that badluck and everything associated with it.

Maybe its your friends letting you down or its that interview you thought you did your best but it failed, that person you treasured the most who left you. I think its time not to be sad about those things. Its life sometimes it hits us with no mercy but we have to face it with no mercy too!!

Live life to the fullest. Its hard to let go but train to let go of anger and stress within your heart cz it helps cleanse the soul and give us peace.

All things happens in Gods plan and we have just to trust that he will always be with us in good or bad times. Ecc 3:11

I got inspired today and learning to release all the bad and attract the good is always my goal. I hope its yours too.

On Easter holidays

As a Christian. I celebrate Easter with joy, peace and love. We are reminded of the death and rise of Jesus Christ. There is nothing good and great as knowing all your guilt, fear and sins were wiped away, just for the salvation of our souls Christ died and He died for us, so that we can benefit.

My encouragement today goes to those who have been hurt and are bearing anger and resentment in their hearts. Its my hope that all of you may forgive just as the Father forgave you. It may not be easy but I tell you today that if you trust him. He will surely come to your aid.

I don’t know what makes you feel spiritual but for me I know God is always there for us and He is there to forgive us. So forgive and you shall be forgiven.

We are who we are!

We are greater people than we know we are, We are more hopeful than we think we can be,

We are more loving than we think we can be, We are a major blessing and adorable in each and every way.

We can use all we have to be just us and we can really do more if you are the way you are. I bet you don’t need alot but only you….strong, confident, loving and kind. Wrap up all the good. Hey its time to carry your package and forget all thats behind and if you have never acted weird….i bet its the time to be weird at the same time fulfilling…eeeh

I just thought today is your day to be who you really are. Well i mean both the naughty and the better us. It really doesn’t matter who we are, we were created to do all we can with the whole heart.

We are who we really are and we are not sorry for being that way!!! I am not apologetic for who I am and I am praising God because I love every single bit of me. Whats making you not to?

We are who we really are,,,,so excuse me if that bothers you.I am a child of the Most HighπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


Today I feel empty. Seeking answers and finding none. Trying to think but nothing seems to come in mind, trying to walk here and there but never really moving, the emptiness covers me like a dark cloud and am cornered not to think what to do next. Am afraid its going to swallow me….Well it comes and creates a hollow inside us. Sometimes you wonder why…but it comes naturally and comes with heavy load. At time I feel deep anxiety with feelings of confusions here and there. We seek answers from the heart and feel nothing is in your heart. You try and seek your mind and it has totally no clue…you seek God and doesn’t seem to find him. You try all you possibly can maybe walk here and there, touch this and let go but ….No!! Nothing seems to complete the emptiness you feel inside you.

Well as I cannot allow myself to be at this state for longer I decide to identify my problem for me ro attack it. ‘ Its probably lots of thinking, or maybe lack of peace or am tired, very tired….’

‘Oh yes!!! I think I found the answer. I have never given myself the peace of mind since a long time ago. With this cold temperatures and the well covered me. I close my eyes take a deep breath and allow myself to empty all the worries. The next thing….I found myself waking up from a deep and cool sleep. I woke up happy and relaxed.

The happy me is finally backπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


There is a student somewhere in class who always doesn’t seem to understand that Mathematics, Sciences and even the simple ones you could think of such as English. I mean the ones who give their teachers hard time, parents get worried and your friends call you stupid but every time he/she gets home you get him/her playing, dancing, doing gymnastics and really letting him/her self loose. they feel really good doing ‘play-work’ rather than homework. That was me. I never seemed to get anything in class and always thought my teachers are too serious about life.

I am a free bird, I love jokes and making fun of everything around me. Until I came to realize that I need this education for me to go far. Me starting to be a little serious about where I am heading to in life was never my dream but here I am picturing the educated with admiration and aspiring to be like them.

What I am trying to say is that,YOU GOT IT. Let not other people discourage you from doing whatever you love doing, you’ve all the energy, will, motivation, uplift, blessings, favor and all that you need to make it PERFECT. So polish that whatever you love coz you got it like, its yours and its your responsibility to make it shine.

Every day you get discouragements, disappointments and you are angry because every thing seems not to go as expected but am here to tell you to rise up because YOU GOT IT. It’s not gonna weigh you down but instead you are going to show your discouragements that YOU GOT IT. You are the pilot of your destiny and nothing shall come your way if you stand up and refuse to get down.

VS of the day,

Philippians 4:13,Jeremiah 29:11.

My purpose

Today I asked myself, ‘ Whats my purpose here on earth and what am I doing to get there?’ Its a tough question, isn’t it?

As I thought of an answer I remembered the day I was young. People used to tell me that I can sing very well…I used to feel very happy about it but with time it faded until I can no longer sing. Just this question brought back the thoughts and honestly becoming a musician…pause….I don’t think thats my call, nah!!

‘But wait a minute,’ I said to myself…’ What if I became a musician, what if am applauded by thousands, well I dont want to be a gospel singer who will sing things out of the word…i wanna be like Don Moen, Jeremy Camp, Women of faith, if I have to sing. Singing content that will uplift others.

Am still thinking about it and may be one day al take action or maybe not.

So another thought came through I want to grow my writing skills of motivational to be a speaker. Crazy right?

Another one then came through, I want to have a farm that entails great agricultural technologies and teach my community how to gain through agriculture,,,

The question is, ‘ Who do I wana be? What am I doing to get there. ‘

Well, confusions here and there, but my heart has to decide. Someone once said, ‘ If you know where you are going it will be easier to get to your destination.’ My heart is yet to decide but just thinking about all of this means I am heading somewhere and its gonna be big.

Maybe you are like me, still seeking your purpose….sit and talk to your heart the answer is always there. Maybe you know where you are going,,,,good cz you need to make steps and achieve,,,,you will find yourself achieving bigger and greater things.

I wish you an inspirational Tuesday. May God open our inner eyes to see our purposes.

Add a little faith

Ever wondered how you can make it in life? I mean how to attract every good thing including money in your path? Well how about I add a little faith to your daily routine. How about I tell you that you can have all you want in life by adding a little faith in your day to day activities. Think about it. πŸ˜‰

Faith doesnt mean you need to be religious to have faith. But if you are religious more shall come your way. Have faith in that sinking business of yours, see it grow see it becoming something big. In that relationship of yours you need to add a little faith in each other and in whatever you think pushes you down, let faith elevate you.

Most successful people are never shaken by the limitations they face because they realize its just for a moment they have faith to overcome their current situations and sore greater heights.

I have a friend of mine who invested in cabbage farming having spent about Ksh. 50,000 in the project. When the crops were approaching maturity period the dry wind and scorching sun destroyed the project.

If it were me I would really feel bad about it but when i asked him how he felt, well he was relaxed and composed as he said, “I have never lost hope in my entire life, I believe we must grow through challenges like this inorder to enjoy life.”

‘That’s brave, ‘ I thought.And I learnt having faith makes life intresting. So how about we add a little faith to our daily routines. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰